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March 23-24

University of Virginia




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A hackathon is a 24-hour tech event for teams of students to learn new skills, build cool tech projects, and meet tons of other students and tech professionals. There's food, awesome workshops, and super cool swag.
There is absolutely no cost for attending UVA’s hackathon! We'll provide the resources for you to participate comfortably.
If you are planning to compete for a prize, you may be in a team of 1-4 people. If you don't have one yet, no worries! We will have a team formation workshop before hacking begins.
All current undergraduate, graduate, and high school students at least 18 years of age may attend HooHacks. No coding experience is necessary! Non-STEM majors, first-time hackers, and beginner coders are welcomed and encouraged to join us!
We are providing multiple forms of travel reimbursement: free bus routes, train + plane ticket reimbursement, and gas reimbursement. More details on our policy can be found here.
Feel free to contact us at or message us on Facebook if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback!

This year, we have 7 different tracks participants can choose from to submit a project to. As a reminder, these prompts are simply to help spark ideas-- you can either answer one of the following prompts or let your imagination run free and see which track fits!

  • How can global climate change initiatives be more accessible and feasible for developing countries to implement?
  • How can video conferencing platforms be modified to be more accessible for people with auditory and visual impairments?
  • Food deserts are communities without access to food with nutritional value. How can we provide communities with the means to access nutrition?
  • What creative outlets could be viable on a global scale to encourage online connectivity?
  • How can we best bring attention to lesser known artistic communities?
  • Can we modernize past formats for games and give it a new spin?
  • Design an application that allows users to upload pictures of trash and predicts when it is recyclable or compostable
  • Make a browser extension that detects fake news
  • Build an interactive map of Charlottesville overlaid with historic sites and their information
  • How can online learning be more fun and engaging for young students? Come up with a tool educators can integrate into their current curriculum
  • How can we encourage students to stay organized?
  • How can we create a positive and uplifting community of teachers? Examples include creating an application where teachers can share and upload resources that have helped their classes, or creating an algorithm to find the most useful resource for a teacher based on their needs
  • Design and build an applications to calculate a user’s credit score.
  • Use machine learning to track a user’s spending habits by categorizing purchases, alerting the user for repeat purchases, etc.
  • Identify an area in which the experience of banking can be enhanced and build an application to improve it
  • How can we get people to work out while they may be stuck at home? Be sure to take into account a user’s time restraints and the limited equipment they may have at home
  • How can we incentivize healthy eating and dieting habits?
  • How can we help people focus on and improve their mental health?
  • What small changes could contribute to aiding global sustainability efforts when gradually implemented by communities at large?
  • As the world adjusts to newer technologies, how can we prevent efforts against sustainability?
  • How can we bring more awareness and promote eco-friendly options?

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